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A fellow random number generator and a 9front developer.
If you hate C don't follow me.

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Apply your full knowledge and experience, be vocal, participating and they think you're intimidating.
Compensate/dilute with jokes, "I don't know", "how do I ?" and they think you're not even worthy of interaction.

Software engineering as a woman.

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Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir . @sigrid,

At 10yo I barely spoke one language. My 10yo daughter speaks three (swedish, english, russian) fluently and can write them too.
Just being a proud mommy here.

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Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir . @sigrid,

In today's "experiments that nobody asked for" I upgraded a 2013 9front install all the way to latest. Some troubles on the way but they could be solved. If I knew exactly what I was doing (wrong) it would probably take just a single reboot in total.
Anyway, in the end it all worked.

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I use VueScan with Epson V600 to scan my negatives, but since I do that on NixOS, it involved a lot of trouble - the software is closed source and requires 3rd party (Epson) drivers/firmware to do anything. What's worse, it loads drivers during runtime, from static paths that are based on what scanner one is using. After a lot of fiddling with hacks and workarounds I found one that doesn't wake me up at night in horror: patching a string in the binary with dd and running it through a wrapper that symlinks the required extra files properly in an fhs sandbox.

Behold: http://okturing.com/src/16678/body

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